LUGANO, March 30th, 2021

REPI, a leading supplier of high-performance liquid colour and additive solutions for polyurethanes and thermoplastics, has acquired Novosystems GmbH, one of the few independent European players in the field of liquid colours and additives for thermoplastic materials.

With the acquisition of the German-based company, REPI will strengthen its position in one of the key polyurethanes and plastics markets in the world, as well as improving the Group’s geographical footprint in Central and Northern Europe, with the aim of providing better and faster response to the market.

Novosystems will also contribute with interesting complementary technology platforms, which can be leveraged by REPI’s global presence, and will accelerate value creation through superior level of expertise in liquid formulation and dispersion technologies.

“Welcoming a private, family-owned company in our Group is another exciting milestone for REPI, as both companies shared a common history in liquid colourants for plastics, and we are looking forward to shape our future together based on common values and a long-term vision and strategy.

Germany has long been one of the most important markets for REPI, and this investment strengthens our commitment to a country served by REPI for over 40 years”, comments Filippo Angiolini, REPI Group CEO.

About REPI

REPI Group operates since 1973 as a reliable supplier of high-performance liquid colours and additives for plastics and thermoset resins that find applications in a variety of industries, including packaging, furniture, building and construction, footwear and automotive.

Research and experimentation together with a forward-looking vision enabled the company to become one of the world leaders in the industry.

Today REPI is a Swiss based global supplier, with own facilities in the United States, Italy, the UK, Russia and Thailand.

REPI aims at creating value-added products and providing superior service to its customers while supporting the transition to a circular economy, where technology and sustainability integrate in order to allow valuable resources like polymers to live several lives.

With an eye to future generations, REPI Group is fully engaged in promoting sustainable growth and development for the kids of today and the generations to come.

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About Novosystems

With more than 30 years of know-how and expertise gained for the manufacture of colourants in the plastics industry, Novosystems is today a specialist for liquid colour system solutions.

Novosystems has earned a reputation as a reliable systems provider and supports its customers with capable self-colouring solutions: customers easily create their own colour recipes using the Novocolor software and database, a very effective concept that gained widespread acceptance in the industry.

Novosystems’ products are often deployed as a solution when companies interested in self-colouring experience challenges with solid masterbatches, and have application in the electrical, cosmetics, medical, automotive, construction, toy, furniture and packaging industries.

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