Additives for plastics

REPI offers a range of additives for the packaging industry and for industrial applications that act on performance, protection and aesthetics. Additives for thermoplastics can be combined with colours to offer an integrated solution. The high concentration of active ingredients and dosing precision offer the user flexibility and reliability in use.

Better performance of the production process: greater machine productivity, less waste and less energy use. This leads, as a result, to cost efficiency and therefore to a more competitive finished product.

Greater protection of the product or the content of a plastic packaging: depending on the final application, it may be necessary to protect the product from aging due to exposure to atmospheric phenomena. When it comes to packaging, there is also the need to protect its contents, in particular all those photosensitive products such as fruit juices, milk, detergents of various kinds.

Advanced aesthetics: REPI liquid additives, alone or in blends with liquid colours, are able to make the product bright and shiny, avoiding yellowing or alterations in shade caused by exposure to atmospheric phenomena.

REFIT for recycled PET – a range of additives dedicated to r-PET to support the transition to a circular economy .

The additives for Thermoplastics

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