Thanks to its extensive experience in the formulation of coloUrs and additives, REPI offers integrated solutions for each of the following applications: flexible, rigid, integral and c.a.s.e.

Colors and additives for flexible polyurethane foam

Flexible foams are used in the production of upholstery for furniture, seats, saddles and backrests and seats in the automotive sector, shaped casings for the protection of delicate instruments, acoustic insulation, sponges for hygiene and personal care, mattresses and pillows.

The REPI range consists of carbon black and pigment dispersions as well as and additives specifically formulated for in-mould and continuous flexible, viscoelastic and high resilience polyurethane foams. REPI low viscosity products are designed for ether and ester based polyurethane systems and are particularly resistant to the high temperatures generated during the reaction phase, also fully respecting the cellular structure and physical properties of the foam. All colour shades can be formulated in combination with REPI additives to combine aesthetics and performance.

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REPI liquid colours for C.A.S.E. (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers) are dispersions of carbon black and pigments developed specifically for ether and ester-based polyurethanes and particularly suitable for colouring industrial and non-industrial coatings and floors, adhesives, insulators and elastomers in general. REPI offers its products to special floor coatings made of polyurea, polyaspartic, and Epoxy. REPI colours and additives are suitable and compatible with all PU systems, both for mass colouration and direct dosing into the mixing head. A special line of Black with high carbon black concentration enables extra low dosages.

Special focus of our activity is placed on the shoe industry. Here, colours and additives have to be matched to the special shoe systems, as the aesthetics and properties of the end product are of crucial importance.

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Colors and additives for integral polyurethane foam

Integral foams are widely used in the automotive and furniture sectors as structural materials and where a specific texture, aesthetics and refined finishes are required, such as the leather effect or wood-like grain. Integral foam is also used as a finish for frames and metal parts.

The range consists of colours and additives formulated specifically for integral foams, RIMs and composites. The products meet the low fogging and VOC free requirements. These can be dosed directly in the mixing head on machines equipped with a colour dosing system.

All colour shades can be formulated in combination with REPI additives to combine aesthetics and performance.

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Colors and additives for rigid polyurethane foam

Rigid polyurethane foams are applied by spray, injection into the mould or in continuous production of panels. The characteristics of rigid polyurethane foam make it the material of choice for thermal and acoustic insulation.

Thanks to the high mechanical strength and insulating power, rigid polyurethane foams are mainly used in the thermal insulation of walls, floors and roofs, of air ducts, in the cold industry. The REPITAN range includes colours and additives for rigid polyurethane foams specifically formulated to meet the stringent protection requirements required by the reference industries, such as maximum flame resistance and minimum heat transmission. REPI is innovation and research, commitment to solving the needs of the market and of individuals.

REPI low viscosity colours are developed to improve aesthetics and performance while fully respecting the physical and mechanical properties of the foam.
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