Colourants and additives for packaging

Plastics and packaging: a winning combination. Advanced packaging solutions are becoming as important as the content itself. Packaging has the responsibility not only to comply with global requirements in terms of safety, conservation and hygiene, but its aesthetics has a crucial impact on the appeal of the brand, greatly influencing its success on the market.

Packaging has the crucial function of guaranteeing the conservation of its content, preserving it from external agents and ensuring the shelf-life required by the market; not only that: it must protect the product from possible impacts and damages and thanks to its lightness it offers the industry efficient logistics. Most of all, however, plastic packaging is the answer to the frantic pace of life made of ready meals and online deliveries. Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that plastics are by nature meant to be durable and recycled several times without losing their performance.

We offer liquid colors for packaging in Pet, R-pet, hdpe, pp, pc, pvc.

Colours For Packaging Refit range Colours for PET extrusion

The additives for Packaging


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