REPI offers pigments and carbon black dispersions, as well as specific additives that find application in a large variety of industries such as Automotive, Construction, Furniture and Footwear. REPI liquid colours guarantee maximum dispersion and uniformity of colouration.
REPI solutions are so designed to enable their use in all polyurethane and thermo-hardening systems.
REPI uses innovative and functional powder dispersion technologies to efficiently obtain a regular, fine and homogeneous product with constant quality.

Colours for polyurethane

REPI's low viscosity colourants for polyurethane ensure excellent colour strength and ease of use. REPI colour range is made of formulations suitable for a wide variety of applications in the flexible, integral, rigid and c.a.s.e. polyurethanes sectors.

REPI products offer the user infinite variations that give colour and differentiate final products preserving the physical properties of the material. The low viscosity liquid colours are supplied ready to use, offer excellent performance and easy handling and storage.
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Additives for polyurethane


REPI liquid additives for polyurethanes are mainly used as an aid in the performance and protection of the finished product:
  • improving its resistance to heat;
  • reducing oxidation and protecting it from aging;
  • crucial elements for improving the physical properties of polyurethane and its performance.

They are also used to improve their aesthetics, especially to mask possible inhomogeneity of the material. REPI is the ideal partner in the development and production of customized specialties where a perfect dispersion of solid and non-solid additives is required.

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REPI offers a range of internally engineered dosing units, able to improve the quality of the colouring process and to offer maximum dosing precision of liquid colours and additives.
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