Colors and additives for polyurethane

REPI offers pigment and carbon black dispersions, as well as specialty additives for polyurethanes foams (flexible, semi-rigid, rigid and integral) and C.A.S.E. implemented in a wide variety of industries.

Colors and additives for plastics

REPI offers colourants and additives for thermoplastic polymers, the undisputed protagonists of many industrial and consumer applications.

For a better tomorrow

REPI is firmly convinced that that protecting and respecting the environment is not only a duty towards future generations, but also an invaluable resource for defining a more sustainable future. REPI pays particular attention to environmental sustainability throughout the entire production chain, from the careful selection of raw materials to the continuous training of its staff, based on quality assurance. REPI is proud to be able to guarantee its employees a healthy and safe workplace.
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A vision projected towards the future

REPI aims at creating products with high added value and to provide its customers with a superior quality service in terms of research and development, prototyping, technical analysis, consultancy and logistic support. Over the years, passion, integrity, excellence, innovation and care for direct and personal relationships with customers and stakeholders have made REPI a leading player in the field of colours and additives for plastics worldwide.
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REPI ITALY adheres to the workplace vaccination plan

REPI, always attentive to the needs of its community and its employees, responds positively to the appeal made by Italy’ factories federation Confindustria, granting its willingness to host a vaccination hub in its Italian plant . REPI becomes one of the over 7,000 "community factories" that have joined the appeal in just 9 days. It […]
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