Globally, REPI is one of the leading suppliers of liquid colors, additives, dosing and analysis equipment, for thermoplastics and polyurethanes.

Research & Development

Innovative colour formulations and specialty additives are continuously developed to improve end-product performance, enhance aesthetics and ensure excellent dispersion. R&D specialists apply their extensive experience in plastic applications to new developments of OEMs and Brand Owners.


An important investment and added value of REPI is the implementation of a Technological Lab dedicated to the packaging industry which enables prototyping and pre-industrialization acitivities of its colours and additives on the final products: preforms and bottles of PET and recycled PET (flakes and granules). REPI technological lab is equipped with a single stage ISBM machine (Automa), an Arburg injection moulding machine and a Sidel blowing system. A Piovan Drying System enables to mix r-PET pellets and flakes at different percentages.

Technical Service

The REPI technical service team offers its customers global support, through direct presence on site and remote consulting, for the the start-up of new productions, in testing, in training, in identifying and solving problems and, finally, in process improvement.

Training and Workshop

REPI organises constantly trainings and workshops (digitally and at its own facilities), as well as to its customers, bringing together operators of technology partners and REPI technicians to discuss on innovations, technologies, new colour solutions and equipment, or to share problem solving and continuous improvements.