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REPI liquid colours for food and beverage packaging can boost its attractiveness and differentiation, thus contributing to Brand success on the market. They comply with international food contact regulations, such as FDA, EU directives and specific directives of each country ( as an example Halal compliance, JHOSPA). Additives, on the other hand, help improve the properties of the packaging, in this way playing a crucial role in the conservation and protection of the product, as well as in the extension of its shelf-life. on the sustainability side, recycled polymers, especially r-PET, are today being added in ever increasing amounts to new packaging: here, specific additives offer an aid both to performance and aesthetics. REPI offers solutions for each of the applications in the food sector: mineral waters, juices, carbonated and energy drinks, dairy, beer, wine and spirits, sauces and other liquid of powder food.
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