The additives for Thermoplastics

R-PET has normally a lower Intrinsic Viscosity than virgin PET. For applications requiring higher mechanical properties these additives can be a valid aid. REPI IV ENHANCERS are chain extenders that increase molecular weight and mechanical properties of r-PET accordingly.
IV increase IV over 0,05 dl/g.
REPI IV ENHANCERS are available in liquid and in solid masterbatch forms.



 IV increase from 0,05 dl/g to over 0,10 dl/g depending on the LDR
Balance of IV “peak” – it gives more homogeneity to final mixed resins
No cross link: they enable the molecular weight (MW) and mechanical properties to increase accordingly
High thermal stability, no black specks
Let down ratio: 0,06 – 0,3%
Meet EU food contact regulations
Shelf life: 12 months in sealed containers
Standard package: 25kg drum