The additives for Thermoplastics

REPI BLOWING ADDITIVES (BA) are specifically designed to be an aid during the blow moulding process of preforms, espcially thick and special shaped ones. The different formulations enable PET preforms to be homogeneously reheated, due to better infrared absorption and as a result better blown.
The use of REPI BLOWING ADDITIVES can lower blowing energy costs and reduce percentage of scraps, while leaving productivity unaltered when not even increased.
Remap BA additives can be used as alternatives to fast re-heat resins.



 Improve heat absorption
Energy saving (5-15% depending on preform design and weight, and on blowing machine settings)
Improve productivity
Reduce scraps
Reduce scraps
Low viscosity liquid
Let down ratio: 0,02 – 0,05%
Meet EU and FDA food contact regulations
Suitable for standard liquid dosing units
Can be blended with liquid colours and additives
Shelf life: 6 months, in sealed containers
Standard package: 25 and 50 kg drums. Customized package solutions available on request