The additives for Polyurethane

REPITAN BONDING ENHANCER (BE) is the liquid blend of selected additives tailored to improve the adhesion of polyether PU foams to foams, or to paper or textile.
This reactive additive gives to PU foams extraordinary adhesion strength after the flame lamination process.

BE REPITAN helps manufacturers meet strict fogging and VOC emission specifications for flame/heat lamination of polyether foams by reducing total emission levels of finished foams. It might also improve flame behavior properties of PU foams with consequent reduction of the need for flame retardants in the PU formulation. Furthermore, PU Foams containing this additive will generate less smoke in the flame lamination process.



Excellent bonding strength
Light stability improvement
Hydrolysis stabilisation
Flame behavior improvement
No impact on air permeability
Compatible with polyether and polyester PU systems
Easy blending with polyol
Low viscosity





 Standard packaging include 200 kg drums and 1000 kg IBC.



Appearance: liquid
Colour: neutral
Density: 1,5 – 1,10 g/m3 at 20 °C
Viscosity at 20 °C: 200 to 500 cP
Water content: none
OH number mgKOH/g: 30 max.
Acid number mgKOH/g: 0,20 max
Colour APHA: 50 max
Phosphorous: 6 to 12%
Shelf life: 12 months in sealed container




 Suitable for standard liquid dosing units
LDR: 4 to 8% on polyol



REACH and ROHS compliance
GADLS compliance
Low fogging
Low VOC emissions
Halogen free