The additives for Thermoplastics

UV radiation is one of the causes of alteration in taste, smell, colour and biological characteristics of products packaged in PET.
Many products contain light sensitive ingredients and PET alone is not enough to protect them from degradation. Several grades of REPI UV ABSORBERS are available to cover the different protection requirements according to final product needs.
REMAP UV ABSORBERS capture UV radiation from 300 to 400 nm, proving different levels of protection, depending on the LDR and the packaging wall thickness.



UV radiation absorption: 300-400 nm
Low viscosity liquid
No influence on the natural transparency
Let down ratio: 0,05 – 0,20%
Meet EU and FDA food contact regulations
Suitable for standard liquid dosing units
Can be blended with liquid colours
Shelf life: 6 months, in sealed containers
Standard package: 25, 50 and 200 kg drums, 1 ton IBC container. Customized solutions available on request