The additives for Thermoplastics

The range of REPI ANTI YELLOW additives comprises different formulations able to balance the appearance of r-PET and regain brightness, as well as to correct off-shade raw materials, restoring the look as it was virgin. Formulations are available for injection moulding of preforms and extrusion of sheets. Concentrated formulations to be used during r-PET pellets production complete the range.



 Reduce the yellow index (b value of CIELab coordinate)
Stabilise the grey shades (L value of CIELab coordinate)
Stabilise the red/green shades (a value of CIELab coordinate)
Improve aesthetics of recycled PET
Low viscosity liquid
Let down ratio: 0,01 – 0,05%
Meet EU and FDA food contact regulation
Suitable for standard liquid dosing units
Can be blended with liquid colours and additives
Shelf life: 6 months, in sealed containers
Standard package: 25, 50 and 200 kg drums, 1 ton IBC container. Customized solutions available on request