The additives for Thermoplastics

Chemical foaming agents are used in many thermoplastic applications with the aims of reducing weight of PVC large parts, making logistics easier and lowering costs. The balance between density reduction and cell structure size is key factor. XPANSOR™ enables maintaining physical (strength) and aesthetic (surface smoothness) properties of the final part in order to achieve the required specifications. XPANSOR™ liquid foaming additives are single or a blended combination of exothermic and endothermic active chemistries. Light weighting is achieved by adding XPANSOR™ into the feed throat during processing, at specific temperature. The gas created by the chemical activation is held within the melt during polymer cooling resulting in a part with a foamed cell like structure. Typical application: free foam PVC sheets and profiles for the advertisement, signing and digital print industries. For siding, decking, moulding and pipes.



Smoother surface finish and enhanced cell structure
Lower density without compromising physical properties and performance
Tight cell structure
Tailor-made solutions according to polymer, specific processing conditions and customer’s specifications