REPI's UV Stabilisers are liquid blends of UV absorbers and anti-oxidants developed to offer improved UV and heat resistance to all PU and TPU applications.
HP-UV REPITAN are recommended for applications such as flexible and rigid PU foam, C.A.S.E. and for automotive & transportation, furniture & bedding, footwear, building & construction, marine & offshore industries.
HP-UV REPITAN are recommended for PU microcellular foams used for footwear applications that require high UV and heat resistance levels. They can be used alone or together with REPI colours. These additives meet the strict light fastness requirements such as the Blue Wool Scale 4 level (ISO 105-B02 test method), including light density PU soles and TPU transparent soles.
HP-UV REPITAN are as well widely recommended in the automotive & transportation industry where the PU integral skin or the PU elastomer parts for interior trim need to meet the strict light fastness requirement Grey Scale 4 level (SAE J2412 test method).
HP-UV REPITAN are also particularly indicated for polyurethane and silane adhesives to minimize the side effects of severe aging and UV weathering (cracking or y yellowing) after extended UV light exposure).


 Strong effectiveness in UV absorption
Excellent thermal stability
Optimal antioxidant acivity
Facile da maneggiare, niente polvere
Maggiore sicurezza delle condizioni di lavoro
Compatible with polyether and polyester PU systems
Easy blending with polyol
Low viscosity
Can be blended with REPI colours and additives


Standard packaging include 25, 50, 200kg drums and 1000 kg IBC



Appearance: liquid
Colour: neutral to pale yellow
Density g/cm3 at 20 °C: 1,06
Viscosity at 20 °C: 510 cP
Water Content: <0,2%
Shelf life: 12 months in sealed container






Suitable for standard dosing units for liquids
LDR: 1 – 3% on polyol for PU parts
LDR: 0,5 - 2% for adhesives and sealants



REACH and ROHS compliance
GADSL compliance
Low fogging
Low VOC emissions