The additives for Polyurethane

Electrostatic charging is a challenging matter in PU production, especially in areas with risk of explosion or in the electronics industry. PU parts can build up electrostatic charge and dust. REPITAN HP ANTISTATIC ADDITIVE (HP-A REPITAN) is a medium polarity ionic liquid specifically tailored to improve conductivity properties of microcellular PU and TPU shoe soles, PU composite, PU coatings and C.A.S.E. applications. HP-A REPITAN shows a very good compatibility with polyether and polyester polyols. In footwear applications, including the light density PU soles, HP-A REPITAN is tailored to meet the strict and challenging requirement of ESD safety standard (electrical resistance maximum 35 mega Ohm). Important application for HP-A REPITAN are PU cast elastomers and PU composites for electronics parts where the market requires very low levels of electrical resistance combined with high levels of hardness. Using the HP-A REPITAN, customers are able to minimize the antistatic loading and consequently the hardness decreasing effect.



 Excellent electrical conductivity
Less impact on PU physical performance
Exceptional dissolution properties
Compatible with polyether and polyester PU systems
Easy blending with polyol
Low viscosity





Standard packaging include 50, 200 kg drums



Appearance: liquid
Colour: from pale to dark yellow
Viscosity at 20 °C: 200-300 cP
Density g/cm3 at 20 °C: 1,05 to 1,10
Water Content: <0,1%
Reactive groups: none
Shelf life: 12 months in sealed container





Suitable for standard liquid dosing units
LDR on polyol: 0,5 to 2%



REACH and ROHS compliance
Low fogging
Low VOC emissions