The additives for Polyurethane

REPITAN ANTISCORCHING are liquid blends of selected antioxidants and process stabilisers tailored to improve PU foam heat resistance and polyol storage stability giving a strong protection against oxidation.
New Low-Emission formulations are recommended when extra low VOC emissions and Fogging properties are required. They help manufacturers meet the strict specifications for polyether and polyester foams by improving the total emission levels of finished foams.
Particularly indicated to stabilise polyol used in flexible, rigid and semi-rigid PU foams for bedding, furniture and automotive applications, they can be used in combination with REPI UV STABILISERS or WHITE FOAM STABILISERS to further enhance final product properties.
REPI ANTISCORCHING enhance the antiscorching effectiveness of PU foams and give good colour stability minimising the foam discoloration when exposed to NOx and upon exposure to light.



Excellent scorch resistance
Light stability enhancement
Optimal textile staining resistance
Reducing unpleasant odour of amine
Compatible with polyether and polyester PU systems
Easy blending with polyol
Low viscosity





Standard packaging include 50, 200 kg and 1000 kg IBC



Appearance: liquid
Colour: neutral
Density: 0,9 g/cm3 at 20 °C
Viscosity at 20 °C: 100 to 500 cP
Water Content: <0,3%
Reactive groups: none
Shelf life: 12 months in sealed container






Suitable for standard liquid dosing units
LDR: 0,4 – 2% on polyol



REACH and ROHS compliance
GADSL compliance
Low fogging
Low VOC emissions
Halogen free
Phenol free
Amine free