The additives for Polyurethane

The polyurethane foam industry is facing new challenges regarding flame retardants, required to provide reduced toxicity and improved sustainability.
With the aim of combining requests for fire safety, impact on health, high performance and easy handling, REPI has developed a range of self-extinguishing Flame Retardants, on the market under the antiFIAMMA brand name.

antiFIAMMA Flame Retardants range comprises liquid blends of pure melamine dispersions along with different synergistic formulations of primary flame retardants that can be applied to FLEXIBLE and INTEGRAL FOAM as well as to RIGID PU FOAMS.
Thanks to their composition and production process, those additives represent a new concept of halogen free flame retardants able to offer perfect distribution into liquid and to enhance instrinsic fire resistance in the end-product by increasing the contact surface of the active principles with the foam.
antiFIAMMA represent a step towards safer workplaces, where classified powder handling is a real risk and source of dirt.



Strong effectiveness in fire resistance
Intumescent behaviour enhancement
Excellent rheological properties
Easy handling – no dust
Improved safety of working conditions
Compatible with ether and ester PU systems





Standard packaging: 200 Kg drums and 1000 Kg IBC



Physical Form: white liquid
Melamine content %: 30-50
Specific Gravity: 20°C: 1,10-1,40
pH value: 7,5-9,5
Viscosity 20°C: 5000-15000 cP
Water content %: 0.40 max
OH number mgKOH/g: 15-400

Particle size: <40 μm





Physical Form: liquid
Specific Gravity 20°C: 1,20-1,40
Viscosity 20°C: 10.000-20.000 cP
Water content %: 2,5 max
OH number mgKOH/g: 15-130
Particle size: <40 μm



Suitable for standard liquid dosing units
Can be dosed alone or premixed with standard polyols
LDR: 10-40% on polyol (ANTIFIAMMA-MD)

LDR: 2-40% on polyol (ANTIFIAMMA-SYN)





REACH and ROHS compliance
Low fogging
Low VOC emissions
Halogen free