Save time and costs and create your own liquid colors even for small batches. Mixing own colours with the Novosystem® coloring concept boosts flexibility and efficiency for manufacturers of plastic products. New colours can be quickly mixed or small batches made up.

A special colour fan provides recipes using just 15 main colours. Manufacturers can create their own colours with the Novosystem® main colours by mixing the individual components to produce highly accurate colour tones from existing industry standard colour guides.

Just 15 colours are enough to cover industry standard colour fan ranges.
First, the plastics manufacturer selects the desired colour from a colour guide.
For example, a colour like Pantone 2583 (purple) can be accurately reproduced using the Novosytem® recicipe and main colours.

Freely-available colour guide systems such as Pantone, RAL or HKS can be used to select and check colours. Once a colour has been selected, it is mixed with a recipe using the Novosystem 15 main colour system.
The amount of colour to be produced depends on the dosing and batch requirements of the manufacturing process. The amount of main colours used varies greatly depending on the specific colour tone required.
In case, a colour range of bright red, orange and yellow tones were to be covered, this would lead to a significantly higher ratio of colour batch to basic plastic material for this colour recipe. On the other hand, a light brown or grey, with a 50 to 80% of white basic paste content leads to a significantly cheaper color formula.


  • Flexibility in developing new color recipes
  • Quick colour development -> competition advantage
  • Efficient batch size: mix only the needed amount of colour to avoid surpluses
  • Reduced storage (only 20 basic colours)
  • Optimized buying conditions (higher amounts, using standard colours)



For cost-effective color mixing and dosing of liquid colours and microgranulate, REPI’ provides solutions for specific batch sizes. Highly accurate weighing scales for both the small batches as well as for normal operations are available.
An automatic dosing system can be used for gravimetrically controlled and logged dosing of small amounts, up to approximately 10 tonnes per annum and tailored to production requirements.