Communication Dr. Ferruccio Angiolini

Lugano, October 1st
on 23 September, Dr. Ferruccio Angiolini suddenly passed away at the age of 76.
You can't be prepared for such an event and this is a loss that leaves a great void in REPI Group, his second Family.
Our founder led and grew REPI for 46 years, taking care of it as only a visionary entrepreneur, which he was, could have done. His intuition, combined with his passion, dedication and a little madness, that made him always look to the future and find new and unexplored paths, have turned REPI into one of the largest producers of
liquid colours and additives for plastics and polyurethanes globally.
During 2019, Dr. Angiolini handed over the management roles he held in different Group companies to assume the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors of REPI Italia, allowing for a graduai and complete handover of responsibilities, with the aim of supporting the management team especially from a technical and production point of view, his real passion.
The REPI Team will always remember him for his style, spirit and energy, and for his great humanity, treasuring it as our Group continues to grow. Personally, I will miss him as my father, but also as a guide and inspiration in the company, having had the privilege of working by his side for 15 wonderful years.

Filippo Angiolini

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