Great interest for recycling additive solutions at the PRS Europe in Amsterdam

Like every year, the Plastics Recycling Show returns to Amsterdam in spring, confirming itself to be an unmissable update meeting with regards to product and technology innovation for recycling of plastics. The event represents for REPI a valuable opportunity to promote the range of additives for recycling. To the well established Anti YellowOptical Brighteners, IV Enhancers, the innovative StabiPlus has been recently added. The additive has collected great interest since its first introduction, especially of those who deal with increasing percentages of r-PET and who see its quality and aesthetics get steadily worse. This is certanly the consequence of recycling loops repeated many times which inevitably impact on th ecolour of the recycled polymer, that looses therfor brightness becoming darker. StabiPlus represents an innovative solution able to prevent aging of r-PET, protecting it from the stress caused by the recycling process. R-PET with addition of StabiPlus is much less dark and more transparent ever after several closed-loop recycling cycles, this represenitng a valid aid to both recyclers and packaging converters.

On the booth the new communication campaign has been also launched, that revolves around the concept of "detiail" to describe REPI's additives: products that are dosed at very low percentages and are not visible in the product, but which are key for tis performance, easthetics and recyclability. Watch the communication campaign HERE.

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